Overview Of The Book
What is the secret to creating the life you really want?

In Chukwudi Samuel’s book, “Wealthyaire: How to Build Economic Endurance,” you’ll find the answer.

The process begins with purpose and a compelling “Why!” But where do you go from there?

Chukwudi outlines specific, tactical and strategic steps that will lead you through his innovative Wealth Framework so you will finally be able to solve the mystery that has kept you from finding your true path to prosperity.

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If you asked me to recommend to you the single best “success” book I have ever read, my answer would be a very definite “Wealthyaire”.
First published in 2016, this is the end product a decade of research conducted by Chukwudi Samuel. I got clarity about the people I will serve, the problems I can solve, and my pathway to success.

Diane Hazell
Who is Chukwudi?

Chukwudi Samuel is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker. Starting with nothing he built successful businesses in the UK and West Africa.

By working with and interviewing some of the world’s most successful people, Chukwudi discovered that there is a proven blueprint that top entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders use to scale up their businesses and leverage their life.

Chukwudi Samuel is one of today’s most innovative wealth experts. He continues to expand his horizons, even through the challenges of today’s economy.

If you have read the book already, I know you are going to want to spread the Wealthyaire to your friends, family and loved ones. You are going to want to make sure your local libraries have it and that any book charity has it in their inventory to give. In a word, I want YOU to become part of the Wealthyaire Movement!

For just the price of one copy of Wealthyaire at one of the online retailers below, I am going to give you a bevy of bonuses, with unprecedented access to:

  • My Exclusive 2 Days to Wealthyaire program aimed at implementing Wealthyaire Framework in your life.
  • A copy of Entrepreneur Success Stories.

All in, we’ve packed everything you need to change your life this year, making it into the vision you’ve had for years.